Best Alignments in Pine Bluff

Mar 3, 2021Service

 Here at Midtown Tire & Auto, we offer a courtesy alignment check with the purchase of four new tires! Alignments are very important for your car. Alignments prevent wear on your tire, help your tires last longer and your car ride smoother. Alignments keep your car from pulling left to right and all around. It’s just better for your car. 

In the video above, our head tech Preston, shows a tire as an example. This tire shows what a poor alignment will do to your tire. A bad alignment can wear the sides of the tire out. This particular tire has plenty of tread left, but they’re having to buy a new tire just because they had a bad alignment on the front.

Our team is certified by Hunter Engineering Company to perform the best alignments in the area. We can perform alignment checks and adjustments with state-of-the-art equipment for light and medium-duty vehicles. We’re constantly updating our training. We are proud to offer the best alignments and the best service in Pine Bluff and around surrounding counties.

If you need an alignment on your vehicle, just give us a call. 870-905-TIRE.